Climate change-fuelled heat waves forecast a new global weather reality

The Globe and Mail | Tarek Youzbashi
July 22, 2022

Record-breaking heat waves have struck many parts of the U.S., Europe, and China since the start of July, causing deaths, wildfires and glacier collapses that are likely to become a lot more common along with brutal heat.

In the U.S., hundreds of millions are experiencing a dangerous heat wave affecting 28 states as temperatures are expected to climb even above once-in-100-years levels over the next week.

China is also suffering from sweltering heat, with Shanghai hitting 40.9 C, the city’s highest temperature since 1873.


“We’re all operating within an infrastructure that we built based on at least the 20th-century climate and when you look to places like Britain much of their infrastructure was not built with the expectation that things would get this hot,” Dr. Smerdon said.

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