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Learning for Life @ Gustavus Podcast

October 19th, 2021



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The Takeaway, New York Public Radio

December 29th, 2020



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The Source, Texas Public Radio

August 17th, 2020



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The Environmental Breakdown

May 28th, 2020



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The Environmental Breakdown

The Environmental Breakdown

August 13th, 2019



The Environmental Breakdown

The Environmental Breakdown

May 22nd, 2019





Earth's Temperature Rises, Again


January 19th, 2017



Your Call: How bad is California’s drought?

KALW, San Fancisco Local Public Radio

March 16th, 2015




Podcast: Megadrought Study Authors Break it Down

Raw Science

March 11th, 2015



Are Decades-Long Megadroughts on the Horizon?

Science Friday

March 13th, 2015



Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

The Kathleen Dunn Show, Wisconsin Public Radio

May 14th, 2013