November 01, 2021

Fall Foliage Watch: Scientists Say Climate Change Is Doing A Number On The Northeast

Fall, an iconic season to the Northeast, is changing because of our warming world, and some of the most significant changes will be noticeable in your backyard.

Spooky and sweet costumes took over streets and sidewalks in celebration of Halloween and pumpkin spice everything are quintessential fall favorites that climate change can’t, well, change, but some other favorite things are being altered. Read More

November 01, 2021

COP26: This is what individuals can do to slow down climate change, according to experts

As the leaders of the world gather in Glasgow to discuss the fate of the climate crisis, the power to save the planet from destruction caused by humans does not only lie in the hands of those in power.

While the majority of reductions in greenhouse gases will need to be accomplished by transformation in policy and industry, individual actions can also help prevent further warming, according to the experts.

October 19, 2021

Podcast: Pick Up a Bucket and Get to Work

Physicist and leading climate scientist Dr Jason Smerdon '98 of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Earth Institute at Columbia University, on #WhyGustavus from Pullman, Washington, his paths to science and academia, his undergraduate and graduate school experiences (featuring haikus, luck, contingency, and potassium cyanide), his scholarship with historians and the influence of English courses on his career, the reality, evidence, and politicization of human-influenced climate change, doable technologies and our agency in response to the crisis, and the case for physics and the libera