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Data: A reconstruction of global hydroclimate and dynamical variables over the Common Era

The Paleo Hydrodynamics Data Assimilation product (PHYDA) is the first global reconstruction of hydroclimate and associated dynamical variables.  It uses a novel data assimilation method and the largest multiproxy database assembled to date by combining several community-complied proxy datasets.  The reconstructions, code, and proxy data were all made public upon publication and are available through the NOAA NCEI data pages and through th

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January 28, 2019

Hun Baek's paper on widespread summer droughts in the United States has been published in JGR-Atmospheres

Widespread summer droughts across North America are particularly damaging and costly.  The last of these droughts was in 2012 and cost over an estimated $30 billion.  In an effort to understand these droughts better, Hun Baek, a graduate student in the PaleoDynamics lab, has published a paper in Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres exploring the oceanic and atmospheric causes of these droughts over the last ~150 years.  He finds that the tropical Pacific Ocean has played an important role in forcing these droughts, but an equal contribution has come from internal atmospheric variab